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Southern Alps Tour 10th -14th November 2016

Chris McDonald joins Southern Alps Tour

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Great news for all you guys that entered or are looking to enter A grade so you can race, because we just signed one up!Chris McDonald 4 X Ironman champion will be riding each day and will be involved with a bit of the emceeing. so all I can say is be ready for a whole bunch of smack talk…Chris wind tunnel

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Go Pro Xtreme Challenge

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The Challenge was set by my Rolf Prima team mates to ride my Fixie up the back of Dyers Pass… it gets ugly!
How Extreme are you? Post your photos or videos of your Xtreme training and be in to win all the High 5 Xtreme you need to take you through to the Southern Alps Tour

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Mike Robins BMX Flying Nun

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The Southern Alps Ride TourWest Coast Cycling

The Southern Alps Tour is a fully catered 5 day stage bike tour through the South Island of New Zealand.  This tour changes each year, meaning that in a 3 year period you will ride/race the length of the South Island of New Zealand. It was designed by riders for riders. This tour and specific ride days are put together so you can not only push your limits (no matter what your ability) but you get to do it with your close friends or loved ones or those great mates you have made along the way.
This tour is pitched at the weekend warrior/club racer that would like to experience what it would be like to
1) Ride the length of the South Island
2) Race the Tour De France.
We cater for all grades A –D and we look to make the Southern Alps Tours a mix of racing and neutral group riding.  It is also run as a team event, consisting of 4 riders. We really emphasise the team aspect.
Jerseys are awarded each night for grades A-B, the 4 tour jerseys awarded are KOM (king of the mountain), Sprint, MAR (most aggressive rider) and GC  (general classification) with C-D having a more social pitch to them KOM, GC, vets GC and the always popular MVP. There is also team time trial – TTT.

We pride ourselves on organising a fantastic tour that will leave you with memories that will last a life time.  All the accommodation and food supplied is the finest for the region. We have fantastic sponsors on board and you will receive some of their goodies… But most of all we have the BEST Support crew available.

Cost $2550

Register now

This is how some of our customers described our last tour

“a perfect mix of racing, riding, socialising and meeting new people, scenery – just awesome.”
“The tour was everything I imagined,”
“perfect mix of tight organisation and loose social.”
“I had a blast, it was right up there with the best riding experiences I’ve ever had”
“Truly amazing”
“We loved the event, awesome fun, great people and awesome organisation from you and your team.”
Some come along and enjoy the best riding in NZ and feel what it is like to ride in a 5 star bike tour.

Event Nutrition

All course nutrition is supplied by our sponsor High 5, this includes but it is not limited to electrolyte, gels, bars and recovery at the end of each day. we will also have product from Cookie time, EM’s cookies and OSM

Register Now!

Cost $2550

West Coast Wonder Overview

Day 1
Christchurch to Arthurs Pass

Day 2
Arthurs Pass to Hari Hari (Helicopter ride from Hari Hari to Franz)

Day 3
Franz Josef to Haast

Day 4
Haast to Wanaka

Day 5
Wanaka to Queenstown



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Non-Riding Companion

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Winery Wanaka This option has proven a very popular add on to the Southern Alps Tour, it means that your wife/husband/ Partner / girl/boyfriend can come along and enjoy the tour as much as you will.   There are many variables available to this option, the non riding companion can actually ride a shorter portion of each day if they wish.  This is great for those who don’t feel capable of completing the whole distances but would love to ride certain segments.   We have devised a schedule for each of the days that will allow the companions to cheer on at certain stages of the days (KOM’s, TTT’s etc) while being able to take advantage of the many local tourist attractions that are offered along the way.  These can include but aren’t limited to winery tours,  bush walks or simply  attending a day spa.  This creates a great mix where you will both enjoy yourself and will come together during the days and evening to share your stories and adventures of  the days, and who knows back up your days achievements with a much coveted jersey.




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Bike Information

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Best Bike Mechanic Around

There are no restrictions on Bikes types; road bikes or Time trial bikes are accepted.

You are only allowed to use 1 bike for the whole tour unless mechanical issues require a change.

Bike requirements
Facilities to carry at least 2 water bottles
2 tubes
Tyre changing tools (Tyre levers)
Pump or Co2
Multi  tool

You might want to look at carrying a spare derailleur hanger, these are specific to the brand and model of your bike and we cannot possibly carry replacements.

The hills on the Southern Alps Tour although plentiful aren’t overly steep except the Crown Range. We have several long constant climbs. If you are a confident rider A or B grade a 25 tooth will get you through. If you are not as confident on the climbs we would recommend that you look at a 27

Wheel sets
One set of wheels is all that you will be allowed to use (no swapping your wheels out for time trials and hill climbs).  The support vehicles will be carrying some spare Rolf Prima wheels with them during the tour.  Support vehicles also carry spare tubes etc, which if used will be at your expense

 You are allowed 2 helmets, if you wish to wear an aero helmet for  the TT’s feel  free to , you are required to carry these in your day bag (at your own risk)

Bike and Helmet checks

There is No Bike or Helmet check. You are responsible for making sure that your bike is in good running condition.  We can arrange for your bike to be serviced if it sent to us by 5th November 2016.

We recommend that you have the following done to your bike and gear. Check that your helmet does not have any cracks or fractures.  Check that your chain is in good order you have 2 new tyres on your bike and you have New Cleats on your cycle shoes.

Time Trial bars
You are allowed to have clip on TT bars if you would like.  Just to clarify if you ride a TT bike or have clip on bars you are under no circumstances to use these in a bunch situation

Day Bag suggestions

  • Wet weather jacket,
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Spare tubes
  • Winter gloves
  •  Under garments
  • Chamois cream

Ride requirements
Spare tubes
please make sure that you have new tyres on your bike before the tour starts.  This is our biggest problem closely followed by Cleats, please make sure that both these items are new. A flat tyre or broken cleat will nearly assure you of lost time and maybe the tour jersey you have trained so hard for


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