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Southern Alps Tour 10th -14th November 2016


SRM Details from Stuart Lowe for September tour

Day 1:
5.14 riding time, 165km, normalised power 222watts, height gain 643 m, training score 250
Day 2:
7.09 riding time, 213 km normalised power 250 watts, height gain 1536m calories burnt 4700 Training score 477 training score of 100 is a good session
Day 3:
(for me) 3.21 112km, NP 239 watts, height gain 500m, Training score 186
Day 4:5.oo.36,148km, NP251 watts, height gain 1064, training score 306 (hard day)
day 5: 5.24, 157km, NP 240 watts, height gain,1192 m. training score 302 (hard day)
As expected day 2 was the highest training score, because of distance/time/ and height gain

Virtual TDF Race

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Well sadly the tour is over, well done Wiggins and team sky!

The final results are below, it ended up very close in the end

Total Stage 19 Stage 20 Final World Rank Change to World   Rank
Halfakiloofimgunnakickyourass 2656 154 324 209 9 9
Southern Alps Tour KC 2654 139 109 326 10 1
Team Marcello 2510 139 108 209 18 -4
Team Kristie 2506 142 118 192 19 -6
Team Scott 2330 256 58 224 22 -1
Team Martin 2296 152 66 114 23 -4
Team Kablammo 2095 120 132 296 33 4
Team Brett Southern Alps Tour 1992 270 73 233 35
pack ur bags cos i gonna take em! 1989 125 79 96 36 -7
Team Stephen 1929 120 72 254 38 5
Team Chris 1881 68 63 256 40 5
Team Hendy 1823 71 254 72 42 5
Team Southern Alps Tour 1 1820 127 139 75 43 -1
Southern Alps Tour Social Media Queen 1796 111 95 94 46 -5
Team David 1597 123 42 60 52 -4
Team Southern Alps Tour Air Crew 1580 141 91 22 53 -4
Team Nick Southern Alps Tour 1573 125 74 84 54 -4
Team MadDog 1502 64 53 236 56 2
Team Andrew 1436 80 80 244 59 4
Team Graham 1322 40 51 74 63 -4
Team Lachlan 1298 75 192 37 66
Team K. K. 1077 58 40 103 74 -2
Team Rhiannon 940 12 47 100 79
Team Karen 813 15 50 34 83
Team Velolassie 754 7 29 19 88 -3

Deep South Tour – Day 4

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Words cannot describe today’s ride, so here is a picture gallery from today.

Milford Sound Photos

Todays Results

General Classification

Sprint Points

KOM Points

Keep up to date with the blogs from Chris and Dylan

Tour Update and Results Day 4

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Dan summed it up last night when he said that Day 2 might have been the longest day but Day 4 would be the hardest day. The day kicked off instantly with 3 gnarly climbs! Spectacular start to the day in Franz Josef, snow on the nearby mountains but sunny which was what we needed after yesterdays drenching.

The day kicked off with a couple of neutral climbs to get us out of Franz Josef and on our way, then the first of 3 KOM climbs for the day. Chris McDonald took the points for A grade, Clint won B grade mens, Rachel B grade ladies, Martin Brown and Karin Aitken took all the points in C grade.

Racing stage through to the lunch stop had 2 sprints, one at 41.2km and one at the finish, not sure everyone read the race brief properly as I heard that some sprinters just rolled the finish??? Russell H-K and Garry Pierce took the sprint points for A grade.  Crunchie Donaldson and Clint Atkins took the points for B grade men with Rachel Larner taking both sets of points for the ladies. C grade ladies had a change for sprint honours today with the pink ladies out of the mix and Sam Miezio taking the first sprint and Jo Donaldson taking the second one. C grade men went to Paul Carr and Martin Brown.

End of stage was at Bruce Bay, amazing little spot on the coast if you are ever down that way. Ra, our awesome timing guy from Active Timing even went for a quick dip in the sea while waiting for the riders to come in to the finish.

Post lunch it was all on for a race to the finish, complete with a surprise sprint thrown in, some riders learnt that it pays to read the race info, there was warning that there would be some surprises on tour.

Winners of the surprise sprint were David McDonald, Martin Fletcher, Rachel Larner, Martin Brown and Karin Aitken. Good work on that sprint guys!  Next up just to put the hurt on was the double KOM! There are some brutal hills on the road between Franz Josef and Haast. KOM points went to Chris McDonald in A grade, Clint Atkins in B grade mens, Rachel Larner for B grade women, Stuart Mossman for C grade men and Karin Aitkin for C grade women. Huge ups to the C grade men, after the climbs they waited for the ladies. They are likely regretting that now, the Pink Ladies engineered a natural break then headed off while some riders were still getting ready to roll again. Nature was the winner on the day though with the headwind getting the best of the ladies on the ride into Haast which was into a brutal headwind! Lots of tired riders as they were all spread down the road mainly battling the winds on their own.

Beautiful part of the country down here, some absolutely staggering views in this part of the country. Life is a little different in Haast though, they aren’t on the national grid for electricity and there is no cellphone reception at all. Crazy times!

Results for the day:

Day 4 Results SAT 2012

A Grade points SAT Day 4

B Grade points SAT Day 4

C Grade points SAT Day 4

Southern Alps is Flying High

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We are pleased to announce we have a new major sponsor on board for the Southern Alps Tour.  The Helicopter Line will be a great asset and I’m sure will heighten your experience of the Southern Alps Tour,  we feel that this is the perfect complement to this already 5 star tour, the Helicopter Line offers flights of a lifetime through the most amazing parts of the South Island.


A special bonus will be that all the non-riding companions will all have the opportunity to see the stunning Southern Alps up close and personal.  We will be putting you on a fantastic adventure flight where you will have the experience of Traversing the Southern Alps, taking in the sights of Franz Josef, Fox and Tasman Glaciers, as well as a breathtaking snow landing.


The guys at Helicopter Line have offered the Southern Alps Tour riders some great discounts on their flights and tours, so if you are intending to hang out in the beautiful Queenstown Lakes district, I’m sure you can picture yourself doing some of the following…


Fly with The Helicopter Line to discover why the views are best from above! From the iconic locations of Queenstown, Mount Cook and Twizel, – The Helicopter Line can take you on a scenic flight to discover New Zealand’s National Parks, glaciers, mountains and lakes.


Breath-taking flights from Queenstown expose dramatic views and stunning beauty of Lake Wakatipu, Remarkable Mountains, Coronet Peak ski field, rugged Skippers Canyon, the Southern Alps and beyond.  Venture into Milford Sound; be captivated by the lush, rugged National Park.


If you cannot join the elite few who make it to the top of the Aoraki/Mount Cook on foot, the next best way is by helicopter.  The Helicopter Line offers a range of flights that expose the magnificent views of the pristine alpine environment.   Traverse the Southern Alps soaring peaks to breath-taking views of Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, Aoraki/Mount Cook and Tasman Glacier. All flights include a special snow landing and are available from Mount Cook and Twizel.


Snow landings a specialty!

Deep South Tour – Day 3

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Today was another big day, Invercargill to Te Anau, via Tuatapere with a sprint, a KOM and a Team Time Trial to make the day interesting. Today’s trip took us on one of the Tour of Southland stages following the southernmost coast of the South Island, the wind can be pretty brutal this far south, you only have to look at the trees to see that they all lean from the southerly wind.  While it was fairly windy today I don’t think we experienced proper Southland weather.

Early roll out today with a neutral stage through to Riverton before embarking on the first open stage of the day. No dramas on this stage, I think everyone was reserving themselves for the team time trial later in the day, the wind also seemed to keep things pretty honest with most of the riders chosing to stick together as much as possible except for a ridiculous breakaway by a certain Daniel McDonald, luckily his team mates were smart enough to reel him in before he did too much damage to himself!

Lunch at Tuatapere was a welcome sight, the warm fire attracted a fair bit of attention but the smiles really came out when we headed back down the road with a tailwind behind us! There’s a good side to the wind from earlier as we headed north towards Te Anau, with sprint points up for grabs the pace was on in all the grades. Richard Ussher took the points in A grade, by 0.3 of a second or something equally miniscule, B grade points went to Matt Carter, C grade mens winner was Bill Manning and in the ladies Jo Donaldson took the points again. After the sprint the road meandered around a bit before heading to Blackmount Hill for the KOM, this is a pinchy climb and I’m pretty sure the riders were pleased to see the aid station van at the top. The results were pretty much what is becoming the usual now, Richard Ussher takes the points in A grade, Vaughn Woods takes the points in B grade, Bill Manning takes the points in C grade and Karin Aitken takes the points in C grade womens.

After rolling down to Lake Manapouri it was all on for the TTT. All the riders were in wee huddles of 3-4 as they grouped together in their teams to discuss tactics for this stage, everything was up for discussion, shall we go first, what rider is going in front, how long are we lapping, or in some cases ‘how fast can you ride while I tow you 20kms?’ The TTT’s are one of my favourite parts of the tour as the teams give it their all to see how fast they can go, not the easiest when they’ve already ridden around 170kms on the open road. I was lucky enough to start behind the Payne Train, and these guys were not mucking about, they had started one minute behind Team Ussher and were obviously determined to catch and pass them which they did, was impressive to watch! Team High5 had a stunning race taking the win by 2 and a half minutes! Huge effort from Chris McDonald who towed his team to the finish line, the Payne Train finished in second place with Team Ussher another couple of minutes back. Team Ussher used the same tactic as High5 with Richard setting the pace while Elina and his dad hung on to his wheel. Dylan McNeice was teamed up with some of the more senior riders who kept up with him and took turns at the front, with any luck that might mean that Dylan is a bit fresher than the others going into tomorrow’s stage.

Another magic day on the road in Southland, if you’ve never been to the Deep South of NZ then it’s definitely worth a visit. Tomorrow we are off to ride from Milford Sound back to Te Anau, via the Milford Tunnel, should be magic!

Todays Results

General Classification

Sprint Points

KOM Points

TTT Results

Dylan has posted up a blog about today’s adventures, check it out here


Tour Update and Results Day 1

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Stunning day on tour today! Magic morning as we headed out of Christchurch, fresh start to the day but definitely not cold and barely a breath of wind in the air. Great neutral ride out to Ashley then some speedy racing through to Amberley for a quick break. The McDonald boys, riding for Rolf Prima, were taking it in turns to go off the front and took the stage collectively with the same time over the line. B grade set a fast pace and stayed together with the girls riding well and keeping the boys honest in the bunch. Team Vaya Vaya set the pace in C grade but they didn’t gain a lot of time on the Pink Ladies!


KOM/QOM (for the ladies) have been hard fought over Weka Pass today. McDonald senior took the points from Russell Harrison-Kirk and Chris (Big Sexy) McDonald in A grade. B grade points went to Martin Fletcher from team Mary J, next was Clint Atkins and Ross Wren. Ladies B grade points went to Rachel Larner over Mary Jones. Overall points in C grade went to one of the Pink Ladies, Karin Aitken took the overall QOM points, followed by Jan Crawford and Kathy Askin. The guys crossed with Stuart Mossman in front, followed by Martin Brown and Paul Carr.


Sprint points were on the line today as well. A grade is a McDonald 1-2-3, Chris, David then Daniel. B grade men is Martin Fletcher, Crunchie Donaldson and Clint Atkins. B grade ladies is Mary Jones followed by Rachel Larner. C grade men is Stuart Mossman again, followed by Martin Brown and Paul Carr. C grade ladies has Kathy Askin in the lead, followed by team mates Karin Aitken and Pam Harcourt.

Fantastic racing from everyone today, great team work in the neutral zones with everyone looking after each other during the day. Perfect weather for a ride to Hamner, sunshine and tailwind, what more could you ask for! Great afternoon of beers and BBQ’s in Hamner. See you all tomorrow for the longest day of riding, just over 200km to Greymouth.

Day 1 Results SAT 2012

KOM SAT 2012

Sprint Stage 2 SAT 2012

Deep South Tour – Day 2

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Nice early roll out from Balclutha for C grade with a 7.30 start. Another beautiful morning down south though and once away from the morning traffic we were rolling smoothly through some pretty impressive countryside. After warming up on a few rolling hills it was straight into a double KOM to kick off the days racing, Bill Manning and Karin Aitken took line honours on both climbs. Love C grade, they re-grouped at the top of the KOM so they could ride the neutral part together, however there was a bit of hurrying one another along as they didn’t want A/B grade to catch them!

A grade mixed it up a bit on the KOM’s with Richard Ussher taking the points on the first climb Chris McDonald taking the second set. B grade shared the points between Martin Fletcher and Vaughn Woods, looks like some tactics starting to play out now a few more lads have stepped up to B grade, the next few days could be interesting.

On to the Whistling Frog Cafe for an aid station stop, if you’re ever in the Catlins stop by here and check it out. Then on to some of the most WOW scenery in the country! Southland is spectacular on a day like today, blue sky, sunshine and breathtaking views! Even the Aussie on tour was impressed. Check out some of the pics on our Facebook page here.

Down the road for a couple of sprints, if you read Chris’ blog you will see that the lads had some tactics going on to try and help Daniel get some more sprint points, the photos are full of laughter as they block one another or realise they are blocked and why. Nice to see that even pro athletes have a bit of fun and laughter while racing! A grade sprint points went to Daniel and Dylan. Good to see those tactics sort of worked lads! B grade sprint points are pretty close now with Martin Fletcher taking one sprint and Vaughn Woods taking the other. Vaughn wanted me to make sure I shared the fact that all 4 members of team Payne Train have a jersey now, I think they are laying down a challenge there…… C grade mens sprints went to Noel Smith and Bill Manning and in the ladies race all the sprint points went to Jo Donaldson.

Onto Bluff Hill, I’m still not sure whether the riders were happy or sad that conditions played in our favour which meant we had time and good weather on our hands to head to Bluff for one of the biggest climbs in the country, it’s not very long but crikey it is steep!! It is 265m high and the climb is maybe 2km long, so it goes up pretty quickly. The riders set some cracking times up the hill, Richard Ussher rode up the climb in 9mins 54! That’s quick! His wife Elina was quickest woman in 12.09, I should point out that Elina was 5th quickest overall!

It’s been a huge day and there are plenty of tired folk around, although I’m sure they will be keen to roll out to Te Anau tomorrow. Another day of riding in a beautiful part of our country.

Day 2 Results

General Classification

Sprint Points

KOM Points

Bluff Hill Climb Times

Some of the riders are writing regular updates as well, check out the following:

Chris McDonald’s blog

Dylan McNeice’s blog

Richard and Elina Ussher’s Facebook page

Deep South Tour – Day 5

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Day 5, the final day. Just another 180 odd kms to ride……

The day started off a bit fresh and foggy but this soon turned into a stunningly hot and sunny day! An early sprint to kick things off, points went to Chris McDonald (really?!), Vaughn Woods, Bill Manning and Jo Donaldson. This was followed by a KOM on the way to Mossburn, KOM points went to the following – Richard Ussher, Martin Fletcher, Bill Manning and Karin Aitken. Bill and Karin rolled to the bottom of this hill, then the 2 yellow jerseys stopped to attend to something, as I was in the tail car I stopped to check that everything was ok, jumped out of the car to help, then caused quite a bit of excitement as I forgot to put the handbrake on! Yikes! Put my body on the line as I leapt through the passenger window to pull the handbrake on before the car plowed into the ditch! Phew! Bill made the most of telling the story again throughout the day  :)

Mossburn to Five Rivers was an Individual Time Trial. There was a bit of nervous trepidation on the start line with a few people talking down their time trialling abilities…..these same people went on to win their category didn’t they Karin? Good to see Big Sexy (aka Chris McDonald) laying down the hurt to the others. Special mention also to Mike Robins who for the first time ever managed to beat Daniel McDonald in a time trial! Live it up Mikey! Great effort!!

Heading ever closer to Queenstown and the end of the tour we stopped at Garston for lunch, apparently the most central town in all of New Zealand. Special thanks needs to go to Tina and Russell for once again having lunch ready as we rolled into town, another great BBQ on the road! There was a vote taken at lunch as to whether we just rolled into Queenstown and stopped at the Hilton, our hotel for the evening, or to keep rolling and finish the tour properly with the final climb up the Crown Range. The vote was for stopping at the Hilton, there didn’t seem to be a lot of sense in riding past the hotel just to go back there later.

Back on the road for the final racing stage of the tour! Big Sexy decided he needed to stretch his legs a bit, either that or he was in a hurry to get to his post ride beer as he attacked off the front causing all sorts of chaos in the bunch as he headed down off the road to take a stage win. Good effort made by Matt Carter to stay on his wheel, I think Matt lasted about 100m?

End of the stage and we are literally metres from the hotel, yet we somehow rode down the road heading towards the Crown Range?! What happened there? Although to be fair, I think some folk would have been mighty disappointed to not ride that last little lung burner of a hill! Crown Range was an individual time trial with KOM points on the line for one last time. The climb was up through the switchbacks to finish at the lookout/carpark approx 3km from the bottom of the hill. I think most of the riders thought this was far enough. Richard Ussher once again showed that he is built to go fast up a hill and had the fastest climb in a time of 9.56, Karin Aitken was the quickest female in a time of 12.19 which was the 4th quickest time overall! WOW!

Magnificent tour, super well organised by Kay and Daniel. Love your work guys!

See you all again on the next tour – Southern Alps Lite, ChCh to Wanaka, March 20th – 24th, and the 3rd leg of the South Island, ChCh to Picton, 13th – 17th November 2014.

Final Results

Overall General Classification

Overall Sprint Points

Overall KOM Points

Individual Time Trial Day 5

Crown Range Climb Times