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Southern Alps Tour 10th -14th November 2016

Non-Riding Companion

Winery Wanaka This option has proven a very popular add on to the Southern Alps Tour, it means that your wife/husband/ Partner / girl/boyfriend can come along and enjoy the tour as much as you will.   There are many variables available to this option, the non riding companion can actually ride a shorter portion of each day if they wish.  This is great for those who don’t feel capable of completing the whole distances but would love to ride certain segments.   We have devised a schedule for each of the days that will allow the companions to cheer on at certain stages of the days (KOM’s, TTT’s etc) while being able to take advantage of the many local tourist attractions that are offered along the way.  These can include but aren’t limited to winery tours,  bush walks or simply  attending a day spa.  This creates a great mix where you will both enjoy yourself and will come together during the days and evening to share your stories and adventures of  the days, and who knows back up your days achievements with a much coveted jersey.




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