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Southern Alps Tour 10th -14th November 2016

Tour Details

Grade Selection
This is a self graded event.  To make it quite easy, if you want to race you need to be in either A or B grade .. you want to see what you are capable of with the option of having a hit out for a jersey you would enter C or D grade

Grade Description
A Grade
To be in A grade you must be comfortable riding in a bunch. You would expect to have a stage average between 34 and 42 kmph and be a confident hill climber. Or be exceptional at bridging gaps :-)  Equal to a Good B grade club rider.

B Grade
Good rider. Again comfortable with bunch riding. Stage averages would be between 30 and 39 kmph. One thing I would say is sometimes it’s easier to go up a grade and compete with a smaller group than bang it out in massive packs.

C Grade
Good rider. Capable of riding up to 30 plus km per hr this grade would be for C or a good D grade club rider expected average would be between 25 to 30 kmph

D Grade
Capable rider. This grade is essentially for the recreational rider or the athlete who is looking to really enjoy the tour atmosphere. In saying that don’t relax too much as there are still the jerseys up for grabs…

Changing Grades
we are open to people doing this, we are more than aware that some things change and you may need to change grades.  There are a couple of rules.
After the first day you may upgrade.  If you do this you will be eligible for the category jerseys but you will keep your stage times.
If you down grade you will not be eligible for any grade jerseys (KOM, Sprint, GC ) although you will be eligible for all other jerseys MVP, MAR.

Category Jerseys
The jerseys are presented nightly at the evening meal, if you have won a jersey and worn it please hand it to Maryanne for collection at the end of the day  to be washed ready for the next wearer.. Even if that wearer is you!

We have allocations for 1 large luggage bag and you will also have a day bag, for day bag size a small back pack is preferred.

Accommodation Bag
Casual clothing for the evening meals is suitable,  formal attire isn’t necessary, however as the awards dinner is a celebration you may wish to step it up a bit .   Please bring at least two ride kits, as laundry facilities are limited.
The weather can be unpredictable so you will need to ensure that you have sufficient kit to cover any weather eventualities, including a good rain jacket, thermal undergarments, gloves and possibly booties.  Laundry facilities are available during the tour so please be reasonable when packing your bag, as they are taken to your rooms daily by the support crew and as light as possible is hugely appreciated.

Day bag suggestions

  • Wet weather jacket,
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Spare tubes
  • Winter gloves
  •  Under garments

Food/Event Nutrition
As this is a fully catered tour breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided every day, and any dietary requirements can be accommodated

  • Breakfast daily will be a hot and cold selection
  • Lunch will be filled rolls plus snacks etc with hot food available on some of the days,
  • Dinner choices will vary dependent upon the location between buffet and order off the menu

All food is the best that the region has to offer,

Tour nutrition is supplied by our sponsor High 5, this includes but it is not limited to electrolyte, gels, bars and recovery at the end of each day.

Traffic Management
An approved Road Traffic Management plan is in place for the whole tour, there is a lead Traffic Management vehicle with up to 3 additional support vehicles.  You must adhere to New Zealand road rules at all times as the roads will remain open for the duration of the tour.  No riders at any time are allowed to pass the lead vehicle.

One of the essential parts of the tour! Massage will be available at the end of every day of the tour, this can be booked prior to the tour up to a 60% capacity.  This will allow those that didn’t think that they needed a massage before the event space to get in if they find that they do.  Massage is $10 per ten minutes, and are generally booked in 30 or 60 minute slots.

Event Clothing
only available if entered before the 31st of August. (included in entry cost)

Although it is in your interest to carry money for incidentals such as drinks at the bar on an evening or a trip to the corner store for a chocolate fix.  We have created the rider account.  This is where all massages and any bike parts that were required can be accumulated under your rider code, and then charged to your credit card at the end of the tour

Laundry Facilities
All the hotels have coin operated washing machines and dryers and require $1 coins.

Medical/First Aid

A trained medical professional will be on tour for any rider requirements

Refunds/Cancellation Policy
A full refund less $100 administration fee will be given to any withdrawals/cancellations before the 31st August 2016.

Partial refund of entry cost, less administration fee of $100, less confirmed rooming costs will be given after 31st August 2016.