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Southern Alps Tour 10th -14th November 2016

Bike Information

Best Bike Mechanic Around

There are no restrictions on Bikes types; road bikes or Time trial bikes are accepted.

You are only allowed to use 1 bike for the whole tour unless mechanical issues require a change.

Bike requirements
Facilities to carry at least 2 water bottles
2 tubes
Tyre changing tools (Tyre levers)
Pump or Co2
Multi  tool

You might want to look at carrying a spare derailleur hanger, these are specific to the brand and model of your bike and we cannot possibly carry replacements.

The hills on the Southern Alps Tour although plentiful aren’t overly steep except the Crown Range. We have several long constant climbs. If you are a confident rider A or B grade a 25 tooth will get you through. If you are not as confident on the climbs we would recommend that you look at a 27

Wheel sets
One set of wheels is all that you will be allowed to use (no swapping your wheels out for time trials and hill climbs).  The support vehicles will be carrying some spare Rolf Prima wheels with them during the tour.  Support vehicles also carry spare tubes etc, which if used will be at your expense

 You are allowed 2 helmets, if you wish to wear an aero helmet for  the TT’s feel  free to , you are required to carry these in your day bag (at your own risk)

Bike and Helmet checks

There is No Bike or Helmet check. You are responsible for making sure that your bike is in good running condition.  We can arrange for your bike to be serviced if it sent to us by 5th November 2016.

We recommend that you have the following done to your bike and gear. Check that your helmet does not have any cracks or fractures.  Check that your chain is in good order you have 2 new tyres on your bike and you have New Cleats on your cycle shoes.

Time Trial bars
You are allowed to have clip on TT bars if you would like.  Just to clarify if you ride a TT bike or have clip on bars you are under no circumstances to use these in a bunch situation

Day Bag suggestions

  • Wet weather jacket,
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Spare tubes
  • Winter gloves
  •  Under garments
  • Chamois cream

Ride requirements
Spare tubes
please make sure that you have new tyres on your bike before the tour starts.  This is our biggest problem closely followed by Cleats, please make sure that both these items are new. A flat tyre or broken cleat will nearly assure you of lost time and maybe the tour jersey you have trained so hard for


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